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As the principal-in-charge of GTAim Associates, Seymour Stern is in a unique position to offer real estate improvement and management services to the absentee property owner, supported by a long list of credentials and skills.

Seymour Stern

Seymour Stern

Mr. Stern is Vice President and principal shareholder of Devmore Holdings Inc., a private Canadian real estate holding company, established over 35 years ago and involved in the acquisition, development, construction, improvement, management and profitable sale of numerous residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties and raw land in Canada and the United States. Consequently, GTAim Associates has the resources to conduct a pro-forma cost-benefit analysis and to review offers on any type of property, as well as to provide support on all matters related to the management and rental of properties and residential units.

Mr. Stern is an architect with extensive experience as a project manager and in private practice in Canada, United States and Israel. GTAim Associates recognizes the importance of understanding the client's needs and goals, and is alert to issues related to highest and best use, zoning, renovation, rehabilitation, design and construction documents, budgeting, quality control, and interfacing with design and engineering professionals, building contractors, trades and suppliers.


Mr. Stern is a law school graduate. GTAim Associates shares a common language with those in the legal profession, including a broad understanding and familiarity with the interpretation of contracts and their administration, as well as matters related to tax, corporate, administrative and property law.

As a licensed general contractor and property owner's representative, Mr. Stern managed the construction, marketing and sales of over 100 dwelling units and related amenities in Florida. GTAim Associates offers hands-on experience working with construction trades and budgets, as well as successful implementation of marketing and sales skills.

Mr. Stern was born and raised in Canada, lived in the United States for 10 years and in Israel for over 20 years. GTAim Associates shares an intimate familiarity with diverse cultural and business values, as well as the language in Israel and abroad.


As a seasoned investor, Mr. Stern has worked with top money managers as well as successfully managed his own portfolio of investments. Any funds entrusted to GTAim Associates will be prudently managed in accordance with the investor's objectives in order to achieve an optimal return.

Mr. Stern has an impeccable and untainted reputation wherever he has been involved in any capacity listed above. Accordingly, GTAim Associates has a high standard of commitment to those represented and to the tasks involved, with excellent references.

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