Welcome to GTAim Associates based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Feel free to contact us regarding your current or prospective real estate investments.

The offices of GTAim Associates are centrally located in downtown Toronto, enabling close contact with the local market and direct oversight of any asset situated in the Greater Toronto Area.

Investment in real estate is generally perceived as a conservative and stable means of increasing wealth, offering the opportunity for capital appreciation through property improvement and providing a steady income stream when the asset is held for the long term. These advantages can only be fully realized when the investor is engaged in the operation, management and profit potential of the property, or alternately when a skilled and capable agent acts on his or her behalf.

The services offered by GTAim Associates are professional and detail-focused, including all that is necessary for efficient management of the non-resident property owner's assets, including:

  • Pro forma assessment of highest and best use of property
  • Architectural services, including design, planning, production and supervision
  • Advisory services on purchase and sale of assets
  • Owner representation at purchase and sale
  • Advertising and listing for leasing, purchase and sale
  • Property and tenant management, including screening of prospective tenants, rent collection, maintenance, repairs and evictions
  • Negotiation and management of operating expenses, including invoices, taxes, utilities and insurance
  • Office management and orderly maintenance of all property records, without generating excessive overhead
  • Preparation of leases
  • On-site involvement and supervision for all services offered